Dream and Believe, Learn and Achieve


The Advanced Science and Technology Education Charter (ASTEC) Schools became Oklahoma’s first start-up charter school in 2000,  founded by Dr. Freda Deskin.  The school began with just 100 middle school student scholars and quickly grew to include a high school with a combined enrollment of 850 scholars, plus a waiting list of several hundred.

ASTEC is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) schools in which student scholars have technology as a core subject every day in engaging classrooms where the liberal arts are fully integrated. In addition to these core subjects, ASTEC values character, manners, proper etiquette, social and cultural awareness, a strong work ethic and entrepreneurship.

All scholars who enter ASTEC Middle School are required to take 9-weeks of character education, manners and etiquette.  The administration, faculty and staff reinforce these positive behaviors throughout the school year. The results of this practice are profound. One of the first things visitors notice: well-behaved, polite and respectful scholars.

Scholars who are healthy perform better in school. That is why ASTEC Charter Schools was proud to be the first school in the Midwest to become a HealthCorps school, a program founded by Dr. and Mrs. Mehmet Oz that provides our school with curriculum designed to foster physical and mental fitness.

This program could never have come to ASTEC Public Charter Schools without the support of Mr. Harold Hamm and Continental Resources

Student Focus

ASTEC’s approach is based in understanding that each child has unique talents and abilities that need nurturing and support. Our teachers are experienced in facilitating and fostering every scholar’s personal development.  ASTEC is committed to the whole student scholar. This includes academic excellence, cultural and social growth, health, mental and physical resilience, as well as the development and the practice of honesty, civility, public service and respect for others.

ASTEC Charter Schools serves a highly diverse, inner-city population of middle and high school scholars. The educational experience ASTEC provides continues to produce excellent results. For example:

  • 99% of scholars who graduate enroll in college
  • 98% of scholars attend school daily.
  • ASTEC does not test students for admittance.
  • We do not ask students to leave if test scores are low. We believe all student scholars can grow from where they are.

ASTEC Charter Schools foster a culture that prepares students for college, specialized training and careers by offering course electives in entrepreneurship, work ethics and careers, exposure to the workplace, personalized schedules and one-on-one student counseling.

Our scholars have many opportunities to be exposed to cultural and social skills.  Scholars participate in rowing and kayaking teams on the Oklahoma River, FIRST Robotics teams, HealthCorps, a variety of summer camps, Future Cities, athletics, local events that include local museum and theater productions and much more.

ASTEC Charter Schools has created a true school community that values mutual respect in the pursuit of excellence. Scholars feel cared for, and safe and know that expectations for them at ASTEC are high.


We believe that the best environment for learning is one that is safe and one that provides an expectation of success, regardless of background or ability. We share an expectation for scholars to reach their highest potential and experience a meaningful life while practicing personal accountability.

We hope you will further explore the strong sense of community and ASTEC’s “family” culture, where our accomplished and dedicated employees share a common commitment to provide students with the individualized attention they need to maintain a passion for learning.

Dr. Freda Deskin
Dr. Freda Deskin CEO and Founder

An Invitation from our Founder

ASTEC is a different kind of school experience. I encourage you to learn what makes us unique. Learn about our academic, social and cultural offerings, our accomplishments and our goals. The best way to get to know ASTEC is to visit us in person.  All who do, report their amazement of what they see and hear in our schools.

Explore ASTEC! is a one-hour, get-acquainted tour of ASTEC Charter Schools that allows the business and civic community a behind the scenes look at our school.  Morning tours include breakfast with me in our Central Office Conference room. These tours give visitors a first hand look at how children in a public school setting can thrive through innovations in education.  You will witness ASTEC’s technologically-advanced, hands on classrooms where students are engaged and respectful, along with our HealthCorps wellness and nutritions program and our fresh food approach to student dining and I’ll share our unique leadership structure, our employee merit and bonus pay plan and how our faculty are engaged in weekly professional development and coaching sessions.  We always allow time for your questions.

To schedule or recommend a person to take a tour, please contact Heather Warlick by phone (405) 947-6272, extension 102, or email her at  We look forward to meeting you personally, and appreciate your interest in our schools.