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ASTEC Charter Schools’ Premiere Health and Wellness Program


Tips-to-Healthy-LivingASTEC Charter Schools’ leadership has long been interested in the health of our students, their families and our employees.  We removed carbonated and sugary drinks from our school long before a law was passed to prohibit these items in school vending machines.  ASTEC began working on better meal patterns long before Congress approved the new USDA meal patterns.  Our school breakfast and lunch is second to none.  ASTEC invested in a full kitchen and innovative food service program some time ago.  Even with these efforts we were still lacking a complete program.

In February of 2012, a team from HealthCorps® and Continental Resources visited Oklahoma City area high schools, including ASTEC.  The result of their visits was the selection of ASTEC Charter Schools as THE first HealthCorps® school in Oklahoma with Harold Hamm and Continental Resources as the benefactor.

In the Fall of 2012, the  HealthCorps® program at ASTEC Charter Schools launched with a bang, under the direction of Ryan Fightmaster, our HealthCorps® Coordinator. After completion of his two year commitment to HealthCorps, Mr. Fightmaster will continue his education in medicine. We are proud to welcome Megan Ling as our new HealthCorps®  Coordinator. A new culture of health, wellness and mental resilience has transformed our school.  Our students, families and employees have become involved in a number of meaningful activities and events.

It is our hope that more Oklahoma schools experience HealthCorps® through other benefactors following the example of Mr. Harold Hamm and Continental Resources.

About Megan Ling, HealthCorps® Coordinator

University of Michigan graduate Megan Margaret Ling joins ASTEC as the HealthCorps program coordinator. Ms. Ling previously served as a community health advocate at the Health Department of Northwest Michigan. She promotes the SNAP Bridge Card through cooking demonstrations at local farmers’ markets and works with low-income families to increase their access to fresh fruits and vegetables with the Double–Up Food Bucks program. She also works to educate kids about nutrition through a weekly program that includes cooking lessons, and performs research related to social media content, women’s health and drug use, and as well as writing grants to help our students get healthier. During her collegiate career, Ms. Ling studied psychology, nutrition, women’s health, childhood literacy, public health and did an early education practicum. She also served four seasons as a ski coach and instructor in Harbor Springs, Michigan. As a college student, Ms. Ling also studied abroad for four months at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, where she became familiar with Czech and European culture, history, politics and art.