Dream and Believe, Learn and Achieve


The mission of the ASTEC Board of Directors, administration, teachers, staff  is to empower, motivate and inspire learners to reach their highest potential.

As a non-sectarian school of choice, ASTEC Public Charter Schools offer an unparalleled education in a safe and supportive environment, where rigor and student time-on-task are paramount.

Administrators, teachers, student scholars and parents are expected to do whatever it takes to achieve grade-level or higher test results. However, ASTEC teachers do not “teach to the tests.” We believe classroom instruction and experience must be relevant and that scholars must master the arts of public speaking and, all the while practicing mutual respect and developing a strong work ethic.

The opportunities that result from an education that is tailored to meet the needs of our scholars are far-reaching and life-long. ASTEC gives families the opportunity to select a school most suitable for the well-being of their children. Teachers choose ASTEC because they are committed to creating a lasting impact in the lives of scholars.
While charter schools must adhere to the same major laws and regulations as all other public schools, ASTEC has freedom from the red tape that often diverts a school’s energy and resources away from educational excellence. Instead of constantly jumping through procedural hoops, ASTEC has the freedom to focus on setting and reaching high academic standards for their students.
Unlike traditional schools, if a charter school does not perform up to the established standards, it will be closed. ASTEC academic, fiscal, and management standards are exceptional. We are proud to be Oklahoma’s first start-up charter school, consistently up to the challenge that such rigorous standards require.