Dream and Believe, Learn and Achieve

Middle School

Middle school is a time for expanding social skills and exploring different areas of interest. ASTEC offers challenging interactive education with an emphasis on critical and creative thinking, problem solving, team work, communication, and responsible decision making to help ASTEC student scholars become tomorrow’s leaders. At ASTEC, they master skills introduced at the elementary level, then expand to more complex skills and knowledge.

Course Descriptions

          Technology is integrated in all five of the core curriculum classes to enhance learning. The core classes consist of: English, math, science, social studies and technology. ASTEC Middle School students learn keyboarding, word processing, desktop publishing, telecommunications, multimedia and more. Consequently, scholars enter high school skilled in the use of technology, media and the world wide web.

Each teacher has a website to better assist and communicate with parents and students.

Electives & Character Education

          ASTEC Middle School sixth graders have “Explore” as an elective class which covers character education, world cultures, entrepreneurship and fine arts.. Each nine weeks scholars explore a different topic. The year always begins with nine-weeks of Character Education.

The Learning Environment

          The appearance of the school enhances the learning environment. ASTEC makes it a priority to have a building and classrooms that are well-maintained, functional and clean. In addition to administrative offices and classrooms, the ASTEC facility has six stationary computer labs, numerous mobile labs, a multi-purpose room, SMART Boards in every classroom and more. Middle School scholars have access to a small, park-like area adjacent to the school during recess. Parent volunteers work with the teachers, scholars and administrators to maintain a special learning environment.