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Apply to ASTEC

Enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year is open. 


The top priority of the admissions team is to help you learn about ASTEC so you can decide if our school is the right fit for your family. To apply, please download the intent to enroll form for each school.

School personnel will advise and assist you with enrollment in core classes and electives* once your application and application are processed.

If you have questions about any of the enrollment requirements or procedures, please contact us via email or call (405) 947-6273 for Middle School or (405) 947-6274 for High School.

*Additional electives will be posted soon

Enroll Online

Click here to Enroll Online. Once you have submitted your enrollment, you will be contacted by school staff for completion.

Enroll Online

Print and Enroll

Click here to download a copy of the form to fill out by hand. Please call for any help you may require.

(405) 947-6273 for Middle School or (405) 947-6274 for High School.

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Current Students

If you are a CURRENT student, you will enroll for the upcoming school year through your English teacher.


 If you have questions, please contact ASTEC’s Dean of Students at 405-947-6273.