Dream and Believe, Learn and Achieve

Faculty & Staff

ASTEC employee(s) are comprised of dedicated professionals. The ASTEC Board of Directors, along with the CEO/Superintendent established the ASTEC Mission and Vision, as well as its policies and procedures.  The school administrators, faculty and staff execute the established goals  under the orchestration of our CEO.  We work together to inspire and support our students as role models who shape students’ lives, today and forever. Each teacher uses an experiential teaching model that crosses subject matter boundaries. The ASTEC, Inc. philosophy is based on the same principles as all our programs. As Steven Covey stresses in his book,  “Principle Centered Leadership,” we strive to make “principle centered” decisions based on our compass’ “True North.” Our “True North” includes our Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives. We strive to model the behaviors we expect of our students.

Meet the ASTEC community of employees who play a key part in helping ASTEC students reach their educational and personal goals.

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