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Human Resources

pena-hrThe Advanced Science and Technology Education Charter Schools (ASTEC) employees are part of an organization dedicated to excellence in education. By working at ASTEC Charter Schools, we gain the opportunity and the responsibility to make a real difference in the world.

Our focus is to recruit, hire, train, develop and retain high performing personnel. From the early stages of recruitment to educating our employees about retirement services, career development and various benefits programs, Human Resources exists to support all employees during their work experience with ASTEC Charter Schools.

Take a closer look to find out how you can help contribute to the legacy of great achievement and even greater promise at ASTEC Charter Schools.


benefitsASTEC Charter Schools awards a Flex Benefit Allowance to full-time employees, providing them with 100% paid medical coverage. Under our group plan rates, full-time employees can elect to participate in various dental, vision and life insurance plans with the Oklahoma Management and Enterprise Services- Employees Group Insurance Division.

Enrollment in additional coverage options with American Fidelity Assurance Company provides protection plans such as: additional life insurance, disability policies, accident insurance, child-care reimbursement plans, Flex-125 plans and cancer policies. Premiums are conveniently withheld as payroll deductions.

ASTEC participates in a 401(k) plan with Great-West Financial, and will match up to a 5% salary contribution each pay period. This plan is on a very progressive schedule, with all matched funds fully vested after 3 years of employment.

Professional Development

pdASTEC Charter Schools places extreme value in keeping our educators highly informed and on the cutting edge of instructional practices. We believe that by creating a collaborative environment where cross-curricular discussions and trainings occur weekly, we will remain ahead of the curve in providing a highly-functioning learning environment for our students. Additional time has been built into our school year so that students can be released early each Wednesday. We take this opportunity to schedule Professional Development meetings with our faculty and staff. We include an hour of technology training in addition to monthly department, grade level and all employee meetings. We also encourage our faculty and staff to be involved in outside organizations and Professional Development training opportunities.

Compensation Schedule

ASTEC Charter Schools has a unique compensation schedule based on annual assessments of performance. All instructional staff begin with ASTEC on an ‘Apprentice’ ‘level’, then based on the number of years of verifiable and registered teaching experience a salary ‘step’ is awarded. Throughout the contract year, observations and informative feedback are provided to aid in the improvement of performance. Annually, leadership conducts a formal interview and assigns a score based on measurement of Key Performance Indicators. It is based on this score that an instructor has the ability to move compensation ‘levels’ to ‘Standard’, ‘Impact’ or ‘Mastery’.  Support and Administrative positions are offered annual salary contracts based on the skill level of the position and the experience provided.ASTEC offers bonus pay regularly to employees who show extra effort toward improving their training and helping us reach our school goals. All school bonus pay is awarded when the organization meets its benchmarks.

Please note that positions such as higher levels of math and science may be paid above the schedule below and may qualify for a sign-on bonus. Please contact the ASTEC HR department or call (405) 947-6272  for more information.





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