Dream and Believe, Learn and Achieve


Thank you for selecting ASTEC Charter School as your school of choice.  Studies show that involved and informed parents are critical to the success of children and our school! There are many ways a parent can be involved, including:

  • Contacting teachers or school administrators personally with issues
  • Attend “Open House”
  • Attend student functions
  • Ensure that your child gets plenty of sleep
  • Ensure that students have a place to study
  • Limit computer and television time for your child
  • Talk to your child about school
  • Pick up your child’s Progress Report and visit with teachers or counselors
  • Learn the academic requirements for your child
  • Read the School Newsletter
  • Ensure that your child gets to school on time
  • Uphold the Parent Code of Conduct and see that your child upholds the Student Code of Conduct
  • Ensure that your child is in uniform and is well-groomed. This has proven to increase academics and success!
  • Ensure that your child is eating nutritious food and getting the necessary exercise as these two things improve brain function and greatly contribute to academic success

Please use this section to find information information you need. If you have any questions please contact us.