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Student Enrollment

Basic Information
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Place of Birth:
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Parent Information
  1. Status
  2. Allowed to Pick Up Student
  3. Relationship to Student
Parent Information
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  2. Allowed to Pick Up Student
  3. Relationship to Student
Emergency Contact Information 1
  1. If parent or guardian cannot be reached, list ONLY persons allowed to pick-up student in case of emergency.
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Emergency Contact Information 2
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Signature and Acknowledgement
  1. By signing your name below you agree that all information supplied above is accurate. You will also need to make arrangements to pay the $30 activity fee to ASTEC before March 31st. A penalty of $5.00 per month will be added for every month the fee is not paid.
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Student Elective Preferences
  1. Please rank the following electives in order of your preference. 1 being your first choice, 3 being your third choice.
  2. High School Electives

  3. More Information
  4. Middle School Electives

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  6. Are you Interested in Honors Classes?
Transportation to Metro-Tech/Concurrent Enrollment
  1. I give my permission for my child to drive a vehicle to and from school.
  2. I give my permission for my child to ride the bus to and from school.
  3. I give my permission for my child to ride with a friend to and from school.
Medical Release Form
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  4. Does your child have SoonerCare?
  5. By Signing your name below, you hereby authorize ASTEC Charter School to consent to any X-Ray examination, anaesthetic, medical, surgical, or dental diagnosis or treatment and hospital care to be rendered to the above-named minor under general or special supervision and upon the advice of a physician, surgeon or dentist licensed under the laws of the State of Oklahoma. In addition, in case of an accident or need for medical attention, I give permission to ASTEC Charter School principal, the agent thereof, or ACS staff to transport said student to a doctor and/or emergency facility (it is understood that all expenses for treatement provided will be borne by the student's parent or guardian). IN GIVING THIS CONSENT, I recognize and understand that in situations where the minor requires immediate medical or hospital care it may not be possible to contact me, and that in such situations, I will not be able to knowledgeably evaluate and choose among the available alternative treatments and procedures or to evaluate the risks attendant of each and the risks attendant to forgoing treatment. In such situations, I authorize a physician, surgeon, or dentist to exercise his/her professional judgment, assess the risks, and choose the necessary treatment from any available alternatives and to render such care and perform such treatment as he/she in his/her professional judgement determines to be necessary for the health or safely of the above-named minor.

  6. I, The parent/guardian of the above minor hereby attest that all information contained in this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  7. I Agree
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Authorization for the administration of medicine
  1. If your child has medication that needs to be administered while at school, please fill out this form with your physician and return it to ASTEC.
    Authorization for the Administration Of Medicine Form
Permission Forms
  1. Please check the following so that we may better serve you and your child
  2. I give my permission for my child to have access to the ASTEC charter schools network and the Internet has to find any student electronic network usage policy.
  3. I give permission for my child to attend school field trips and be transported by the school or parent chaperone vehicles.
  4. I give permission for my child to receive vision, hearing, scoliosis, and other screening tests.
  5. I authorize the ASTEC Charter Schools principal or his or her designee to release directory information (i.e. parents name, student name, age, address, telephone number, school, and is participating in sports, height, weight and playing position) of my child for such purposes as honor roll, yearbook, athletic game programs, newspapers, parent organization communication, creating telephone lists, etc.
Media Release Form
  1. I hereby grant permission for ASTEC charter schools to photograph, videotape and/or make sound recordings of my child and to use any or all such materials as part of any motion picture, video production, broadcast, published product or related promotional or exhibition materials. I further grant the use of my child's name in connection with relevant positive comments and opinions concerning ASTEC charter schools. I hereby grant and assigned to ASTEC Inc. all nonexclusive rights and the unlimited distribution of the pictures, images, tapes or products by any method, in any manner. I hereby waive all rights to inspect and approve the finished product, advertising or other copy that may be used in connection therein.
  2. I hereby grant permission for ASTEC Charter Schools to post photos and other information about my child in the school yearbook.
  3. I, The parent/guardian of the above minor hereby attest that all information contained in this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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Code of Conduct for Parents
  1. I understand I have chosen to enroll my child/children in the ASTEC charter school and to be a vital part of my child/children's education as an adult role model.

      With that I PROMISE:
    • To have my child to school on time daily and have been in school at least 90% of the time
    • To be a positive role model for my child/children
    • To attend my child's parents/teachers conferences
    • To support my child's/children's education via regular communication to teachers and administration
    • To monitor my child/children's study habits and the completion of their homework or assigned projects
    • To conduct myself in a responsible and mature manner in my interactions with teachers, administrators, staff members, and students
    • To support classroom rules set by teachers
    • To refrain from profanity in speech and written language at all times
    • To abide by ACS policy concerning restriction of weapons on school grounds
    • To be financially responsible for the restoration of school property caused by the defacing, destruction, or loss of said property by my child/children or Ward
    • To enforce the student dress code for my child/children
    • To follow Oklahoma City public schools and the ASTEC code of conduct while on school grounds and at school sponsored events and activities

    I understand that I have made the choice for my child to attend ASTEC charter schools and that the governance committee of the school may modify the code of conduct at anytime without notice. Furthermore, I understand that all consequences for misconduct, including those for dismissal from the school are unique to children who attend ASTEC charter schools.

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Code of Conduct for Students
  1. I understand I choose my own actions and reactions to others and situations. I also understand that every choice has a positive or negative consequence.

      With that, I promiseā€¦
    • To treat myself, teachers, peers, and the school grounds with respect
    • To obey classroom rules set by teachers and the Astec discipline policy
    • To maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding harmful substances and behaviors
    • To refrain from profanity in speech, personal conduct, and written language
    • To settle disputes with my peers, and if unable to settle them, I will use peer mediation
    • Not to endanger others or myself by bringing any form of weapons to the school grounds (reference OKC J-24R-1)
    • To refrain from vandalizing or misusing any school property (I.E., books, lockers and equipment on school grounds)
    • To keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself at all times
    • To take responsibility for my own education by attending school at least 90% of the time, arriving at school on time, coming to the class prepared by completing homework or assigned projects on time.
    • Not to engage in any form of sexual harassment activities (reference OKC J-41)
    • Not to participate in secret societies (i.e. gangs or occult activities) on school grounds or school sponsored events
    • To follow the school dress code
    • To follow the Oklahoma City public schools code of conduct at school and at all school sponsored events and activities

    Furthermore, I understand that all consequences for misconduct are unique to students who choose to attend ASTEC charter schools, and maybe modified by the governance committee of the school at any time without notice. I understand that failure to abide by the code of conduct and service grounds for dismissal from ASTEC charter schools.

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Oklahoma State Department of Education Information
  1. The information below is critical to the school receiving it's fair share of funding. Only totals and not names are submitted to the Oklahoma State Department of Education.
  2. American Indian ancestry regardless of degree? (Eligible for Title IX Programs)
  3. Do you use a language other than English in your home?
  4. Was your child born in the United States?
College Preparatory/Work Ready Curriculum for High School Graduation
  1. In order to graduate from a public high school, accredited by the Oklahoma State Board of Education with a standard diploma, student shall complete the following college preparatory/work ready curriculum.

    • 4 Units of English - may include grammar, composition, literature, or any English course approved for college admission requirements.
    • 3 Units of Mathematics - Limited to algebra I, algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis, calculus, advanced placement statistics, math courses with content and/or rigor above algebra one and approved for college admission requirements.
    • 3 Units of Lab Science - Limited to biology, chemistry, physics, or any laboratory science course with content and/or rigor equal to or above approved for college admission requirements.
    • 3 Units of History and Citizenship Skills - including one unit of American history, one half unit of Oklahoma history, one half unit of US government, one unit from the subjects of history, government, geography, economics, civics, or non-western culture and approved for college admission requirements
    • 2 Units of Same Foreign or Non-English language, or 2 Units of Computer Technology - approved for college admission requirements, whether taught at a high school or a technology center school, including, but not limited to, computer programming, hardware, and business computer applications, such as word processing, databases, spreadsheet, and graphics, excluding keyboarding or typing courses.
    • 1 Additional Unit - selected from the courses listed above or career and technology education courses approved for college admission requirements
    • 1 Unit or Set of Competencies of Fine Arts such as Music, Art, or Drama, or 1 Unit or Set of Competencies of Speech.
    • The local school boards graduation requirements may exceed the state graduation requirements of 23 units.

    LEGISLATION NOTICE: prior to graduation end of year instruction tests (EOI) must be taken by each student who completes course instruction in English II, English III, US history, algebra I, algebra II, geometry, and biology I. Students will have the opportunity to take the EOI tests during the state testing window of March through April. The exact date and location will be announced at a later date.

  2. I understand my child is required to take the EOI test that will be administered on site at ASTEC charter schools in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Technology Use Policy
  1. I have read the Student Use Policy for Network Access at ASTEC Charter Schools (Found HERE) and give the school permission to issue an account to my child.
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Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Statement
  1. Parents/guardians of students accepted to ASTEC charter schools must support and agree to the following policy statements. Please read each section and check yes or no. Then provider signature at the bottom. Your signature implies understanding and acceptance of each individual policy.
  2. Affirmation acknowledgment of the mission the undersigned pledges support to the principal, faculty and staff in furthering the mission of the school. We, the after charter school family, do affirm our mission to empower, motivate and inspire children to their highest potential in the core values of content, character, competency and community.
  3. Commitment of involvement. The undersigned knowledges and affirms parental involvement in a child's education is that of primary teacher and that the role of parents/guardians in a child's education is to reinforce an assistant teacher any academic tasks of the classroom as well as with the assignments for outside the classroom. The undersigned pledges to participate in their child's/wards education to the fullest extent expected by ASTEC charter schools
  4. Commitment to Involvement in and support of student/parent/teacher STP committee. The parent/guardian understands that ASTEC Charter Schools relies on the active participation of all parents/guardians in the school association. Knowing this, the parent/guardian pledges that at the time of the student's official acceptance, he will sign up to either chair or actively work with at least one STP committee, and to make the mission of the committee a priority.
  5. Affirmation and Consent to Uniform Policy. The undersigned pledges participation and cooperation of his/her child/ward in the wearing of a uniform at school in order to further the porposes of a safe and academic environment. The undersigned understands that his/her child/ward will be required to wear the approved uniform to school and that not being in full uniform couild result in removal from a school for the day.
  6. Acknowledgement of Parental/Guardian Attendance responsibilities. The parent/guardian understands that ASTEC Charter Schools is a school of choice, and that parent/guardian must provide transportation for his/her student(s). The parent/guardian acknowledges that repeated tardies/absences will result in the removal of the student(s) from the school.
  7. Acknowledgement of Student Responsibility/Accountability. The parent/guardian understands that all ASTEC Charter School students are held fully accountable for their actions. The first step in being accountable is taking responsibility. The parent/guardians acknowledge and pledge to support ACS in decisions related to accountability and responsibility. The parents/guardians also understand that this accountability can result in disciplinary action.
  8. Parent/Guardian Acknowledgment for the Transfer Application. I hereby grant permission for my child/ward to apply for and attend (if accepted) ASTEC Charter Schools. I also give my permission for school officials to administer and report my student's achievement and aptitude test scores when required. I understand that all recommendations and test results will be maintained in confidence by all members of the admission committee and that this application will not be returned to the student or parents/guardians and will become the sole property of ASTEC Charter Schools. I understand that enrollment consideratino is on a space available basis only. I will be notified of my child's/wards admission status in writing.
  9. Acknowledgement of Activity Charge. There is a $30 per student annual activity charge at ACS. This fee is used to fund field trips, parties and other activities for ACS students. The parent/guardian acknowledges that this fee is due in full before their students first day of school and pledges to make arrangements to pay this fee before the deadline. Please note that a student is NOT officially enrolled and cannot start school until this fee is paid in full.
  10. ASTEC Charter Schools uses SchoolREACH an automated phone system to deliver pertinent information to parents regarding upcoming school events, weather closings, and any other school related information. This system is used as a way to deliver messages to you in a timely fashion.
  11. (required)
Wireless Laptop Use Agreement
  1. ASTEC Charter Schools values the use of technology in the educational process. ASTEC realizes that many students have laptops that they wish to use in their classrooms for educational purposes. I understand that if I choose to bring my laptop to school, I do so at my own risk and I am responsible for theft of damages. I further understand that I am not to be on any unauthorized sites or make any unauthorized downloads or at a time not authorized by the teacher responsible for me during his/her class. I understand that my computer will be assigned a number and my computer IP address will be collected and may be used for tracking of sites I visit while connected to the ASTEC Network. I understand that a violation will result in the loss of having the privilege of bringing my laptop to school and additional disciplinary measures.
  2. Will your student be supplying his/her own laptop this year?
  3. I have read the student Use/Misuse of Online Computer Services Policy for Network Access at ASTEC and agree to use the school network in an appropriate manner. I further understand that any violation of the regulations may result in revoked privileges and school disciplinary action.
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