Dream and Believe, Learn and Achieve

Parent Compact

I understand that I have chosen to enroll my child/children in the ASTEC Charter Schools and plan to be a vital part of my child’s/children’s education as an adult role model.

With that I AGREE…

  • To have my child to school on time daily and have them in school at least 90% of the time.
  • To be a positive role model for my child/children.
  • To volunteer a minimum of 3 hours for my child/children for the school year.
  • To attend my child’s Parent/Teacher’s Meetings.
  • To pick up my child’s progress and or report card from the school on the day it is issued.
  • To meet with my child’s teacher if my child’s grade is a “D” or “F”. If my child is falling behind, I will ensure he/she attends tutoring sessions at ASTEC before and after school and Saturday school as required.
  • To support my child’s/children’s education via regular communication to teachers and the administration.
  • To monitor my child’s/children’s study habits and the completion of their homework or assigned projects.
  • To conduct myself in a responsible and mature manner in my interactions with teachers, administrators, staff members, and students.
  • To support classroom rules set by teachers.
  • To refrain from profanity in speech and written language at all times.
  • To abide by ACS policy concerning restriction of weapons on school grounds.
  • To be financially responsible for the restoration of school property caused by defacing, destruction, or loss of said property by my child/children or ward.
  • To enforce the student dress code for my child/children.
  • To allow my child to take responsibility for his/her actions.

I have read the ASTEC Student Handbook and agree to support its policies and procedures. I understand that I have made the choice for my child to attend ASTEC Charter School and that the Board of Directors of the school may modify the Parent Compact. Furthermore, I understand that all consequences for misconduct, including those for dismissal from the school are unique to children who attend ASTEC Charter Schools.