Dream and Believe, Learn and Achieve

Inside ASTEC



The ASTEC Experience

  • We encourage personal development through the “Four C’s” program that emphasizes content, character, competency and community.
  • Activities include First Tee golf, speech, debate, rowing, girls’ and boys’ basketball, soccer, robotics and more.
  • Technology is a core subject and includes Neo-Writers, Amazon Kindles, Mac laptops and desktops, 12 computer labs, plus classroom computers, Mac Mini’s, Apple iPads, state-of-the-art green screen studio, digital cameras, SMART boards, responders, Flip Video cameras/camcorders and more.
  • We are committed to student health. In 2012, we launched HealthCorps®, a nationally-recognized fitness and wellness program, led by founder Dr. Mehmet Oz and sponsored by Continental Resources.
  • We are an open enrollment, public school and students are required to wear uniforms.
  • We meet with children and their parents prior to enrollment so that there is an understanding of what ASTEC’s mission is and how both the parent and the student have certain responsibilities that must be met if the student is to succeed. 
Faculty and Staff
  • We hire individuals who are versatile and may have different life or business experiences they can bring to the classroom to help enrich the curriculum.
  • Faculty members are evaluated annually, based on mutually agreed upon goals and objectives.
  • Employees have one-year contracts, renewable annually and the focus is on hiring “impact” teachers and employees.
  • Faculty and staff are compensated with incentive pay, which is based on them meeting or exceeding pre-established performance objectives.
  • We are highly accountable and transparent throughout our operation and in reporting results because there are numerous stakeholders to whom we report: Oklahoma Department of Education, Oklahoma State University, tax payers, our governing board, students, parents, donors, faculty, staff and vendors.