Wellness Policy

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Focus on Health, Wellness
and Mental Resilience

Health, wellness and mental resilience are essential to learning and a quality life. At ASTEC Charter Schools, we are developing a culture of healthy living among our scholars and employees. We are making a difference in the fight against obesity by implementing a number of positive measures. We have revolutionized our school lunch program and serve fresh foods for breakfast and lunch every day.

ASTEC Charter Schools' leadership has long been interested in the health of our scholars, their families and our employees. We removed carbonated and sugary drinks from our school long before a law was passed to prohibit these items in school vending machines. ASTEC began working on better meal patterns long before Congress approved the new USDA meal patterns. Our school breakfast and lunch is second to none. ASTEC invested in a full kitchen and innovative food service program some time ago. Even with these efforts we were still lacking a complete program.

In February of 2012, a team from HealthCorps™ and Continental Resources visited Oklahoma City area high schools, including ASTEC. The result of their visits was the selection of ASTEC Charter Schools as THE first HealthCorps school in Oklahoma with Harold Hamm and Continental Resources as the benefactor.

ASTEC Charter Schools

Health Corps™ Program

In the Fall of 2012, the HealthCorps™ program at ASTEC Charter Schools launched with a bang, under the direction of Ryan Fightmaster, our first HealthCorps Coordinator. After completion of his two year commitment to HealthCorps, Mr. Fightmaster moved forward to continue his education in medicine. Our second coordinator was Megan Ling. After two years with Ling as our HealthCorps Coordinator, we are now carrying on the traditions and knowledge we received from this valuable program. A new culture of health, wellness and mental resilience, HealthCorps transformed our school. Our scholars, families and employees have become involved in a number of meaningful activities and events.

It is our hope that more Oklahoma schools experience HealthCorps through other benefactors following the example of Mr. Harold Hamm and Continental Resources.


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