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ASTEC Charter Schools Provides Opportunities to Central Oklahoma Students

The Advanced Science and Technology Education Charter (ASTEC) Schools became Oklahoma's first start-up charter school in 2000, founded by Dr. Freda Deskin. The school began with just 100 middle school student scholars and quickly grew to include a high school and most recently a brand new elementary school. ASTEC now serves students in PreK - 12th grade and is located in the heart of Oklahoma City. 

ASTEC is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) school in which student scholars have technology as a core subject everyday in engaging classrooms where the liberal arts are fully integrated. In addition to these core subjects, ASTEC values character, manners, proper etiquette, social and cultural awareness, a strong work ethic and entrepreneurship.

ASTEC is a different kind of school experience. We encourage you to learn what makes us unique. Learn about our academic, social and cultural offerings, our accomplishments and our goals. The best way to get to know ASTEC is to visit us in person. All who do, report their amazement of what they see and hear in our schools.

Explore ASTEC! Tours

Explore ASTEC! is a one-hour, get acquainted tour of ASTEC Charter Schools that allows the business and civic community a behind-the-scenes look at our school. Morning tours include breakfast with Dr. Freda Deskin, CEO, in our Central Office conference room. These tours give visitors a first-hand look at how scholars in a public school setting can thrive through innovations in education.

You will witness ASTEC's technologically advanced, hands-on classrooms where students are engaged and respectful, along with our HealthCorps wellness and nutrition program and our fresh food approach to student dining. You will see our unique leadership structure, our employee merit and bonus pay plan and how our faculty are engaged in weekly professional development and coaching sessions.

ASTEC Enrollment

ASTEC's current combined PreK through twelfth grade enrollment is approximately 1,400. For more information about enrollment visit our enrollment page. Thank you for your interest in ASTEC Charter Schools! 

Enrollment Information