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Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve. 


Reading Enrichment 

Reading Enrichment focuses on recovering and building fundamental skills in grammar & mechanics, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, reading and writing. 


Reading Enrichment provides scholars with an in-depth overview of grammar & mechanics which may be utilized and applied to all future work and classes. 


Each quarter builds upon the previous one to aid scholars in connecting reading and writing. Scholars read numerous text types including short stories, articles and longer written works, to help scholars stay connected to each content area. Each week has a complimentary set of assessments to ensure the mastery and understanding of each concept. Scholars engage in research to polish their reading comprehension, critical thinking and writing skills. Classwork and assignments will include the use of skill level enhancing programs to reinforce learned skills and includes extensive practice using the state standards programs such as Exact Path (or equivalent). Overall, the Title I Reading aides each scholar in the mastery of skills they are lacking. By rebuilding these skills, each scholar gains the confidence needed to succeed academically.

Math Enrichment

The Title I Math program supports, reinfocies and accelerates scholars' learning. Scholars will complete assessments to prescribe individualized pathways of learning tailored to their needs. Scholars will utilize a number of applications to help accelerate their  learning, including:  IXL, Study Island, NWEA, and Prodigy

Physical Enrichment

Physical Education provides scholars with opportunities to describe individual and team sports and demonstrate a firm understanding of healthy choices through physical fitness. Scholars analyze the effects of healthy choices on physical well being, participate in physical activities regardless of their athletic level, practice good sportsmanship while developing an enjoyment of physical activity and developing an understanding of the importance of maintaining physical fitness.   


Scholars utilize the Health Corps curriculum to increase their knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to practice lifelong health enhancing behaviors. Scholars develop skills and strategies to maintain health by using nutrition and fitness information and examining consequences of drug use, misuse and abuse. Scholars explore human development, social and emotional skills and strategies that encourage healthy relationships and healthy habits throughout life. Scholars develop the skills to apply prevention and intervention processes that promote safety in their home, school and community.

Middle School Speech/Drama

Speech and Drama gives the scholar an appreciation of the world of theatre and an opportunity to discover the artist within. All scholars study a wide range of knowledge demands by theater and develop personally as they apply their new found knowledge in classroom activities. Speech/Drama enriches scholars’ awareness, skills and self appreciation enabling them to build a foundation for future arts development. Drama and Speech provides for diverse learning styles and capabilities and allows scholars to experience the joy that comes from artistic communication. Through the year scholars examine the following areas of theater: the stage, basic theater terminology, character analysis, oral interpretation, monologue, evaluation of self-performance and those of fellow classmates, Shakespeare and public speaking.

Middle School Art

Middle School Art introduces scholars to basic art processes. Scholars will gain an understanding of the creative process through: visual problem solving, brainstorming, editing, re-working and reflection. Art is designed to provide scholars with the foundations of artistic expression. Historical and contemporary artists and styles will be incorporated into many projects in order to provide cultural understanding and context. Assignments are hands-on project-based learning that focus on the elements and principles of design. Middle School Art  scholars create artwork using a variety of two-dimensional and three dimensional techniques and mediums, including but not limited to drawing and colored pencils, oil pastels, paper mache and paint. Through in-class writing and critiques, scholars analyze their own artwork and the artwork of peers and major artists. Scholars develop a personal portfolio that includes in-class and independent projects. 


Introduction to Latin

Introduction to Latin gives middle school scholars a basic overview of the Latin language and Classical culture (including mythology and history). Introduction to Latin focuses on introductory vocabulary, listening and speaking skills to communicate in languages other than English, gain knowledge and an understanding of other cultures, reinforce and further their knowledge of other content areas through the study of Latin, demonstrate an understanding of the nature of language through comparisons of Latin with other languages and use the language both within and beyond the school setting.

Computer Media

Computer Media introduces scholars to multimedia design and implementation. It explores a variety of digital platforms to create unique products spanning both visual and auditory design. Computer Media involves principles and theories in multimedia presentation, as well as discussing responsible and ethical usage. Emphasis is on user friendly applications, utilization of digital image, digital video and audio and presentation through a variety of digital outlets. Scholars design and present computer based multimedia interactive projects and further their typing skills through monthly practice.


Teen Leadership

Teen Leadership is a course in which scholars develop leadership, professional and business skills. They learn to develop a healthy self-concept, healthy relationships and learn to understand the concept of personal responsibility. Scholars will frequently engage in collaborative, project-based learning activities.