Special Education


ASTEC Charter Schools is committed to providing accommodations for students identified with special needs.

ASTEC does not have a pull-out program. Our model is one of inclusion where all students with this designation attend regular classes. Special Education Co-teachers work with students within the regular classes to assist the scholars and to ensure that accommodations are being met.

Teachers or parents may recommend students for testing services. A meeting will be scheduled with the parent, a teacher, the special education teacher and the headmaster to determine the best course of action.  If testing services are determined to be necessary, ASTEC will schedule testing with a certified psychometrist.

If the psychometrist identifies a student as requiring services, the scholar and a parent will be required to attend meetings with the IEP (Individual Education Plan) as needed.

For more information about special education at ASTEC contact Ms. Cindy Millican, Co-Teacher Director at [email protected].