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Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve. 

The student body and the employees at ASTEC Charter Schools reflect a high level of diversity. We want to make every effort to be welcoming to students and employees from all ethnic, social and economic backgrounds. We welcome individuals from all religions.


While ASTEC strives to have all potential students and employees feel welcome at ASTEC, we also want to be inclusive and equitable.


Through a partnership between the Oklahoma Urban League and the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, hundreds of leaders from business and industry, higher education, common education, small businesses, clergy, human resources and non-profits are receiving training in diversity, inclusion and equity on a monthly basis. ASTEC leaders are part of this training.


While an organization may work toward having diversity, it does not mean the people who are part of that organization feel included or that there is equity for them or others.


To that end, Dr. Freda Deskin, ASTEC CEO and founder, has established ASTEC’s first Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Council. Members of the Council are ASTEC employees from all levels. They meet regularly to study, read, examine and discuss issues and how ASTEC can be more mindful of the needs of our students and staff with regard to diversity, inclusion and equity.


Below is a chart with the demographics of our employees:


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