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Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve. 


This is your scholars ASTEC school account. This email and password will be used to receive emails, open Google Drive, Google Classroom,  and GoogleMeet.

Google Classroom


The website that we will be using for the majority of distance learning. There are three important components of Google Classroom. 1. The Stream- this is  like a Facebook feed, where you can see posts and announcements from the teacher. 2. Classwork-Under this tab, there will be two (2)  specific assignments for scholars to complete each day. Most assignments will require a video or picture response. 3. Google Meet- see below.

Google Meet

This is where you will come to join live video sessions (9 a.m. and 11 a.m. for morning scholars, and 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. for afternoon scholars. To access Google Meets you will need to be on Google Classroom. A video camera will appear across the top banner. Click this video camera and you will be connected to the video session. If you are unable to attend these live sessions they will be uploaded for later

Google Drive


This is where all work will be stored. This is also the path you will use when turning in assignments. You must FIRST upload your video to Google Drive before adding it as a submission in Google Classroom. Access Google drive: (See your child’s individual log in information card)

Initial password for this is: 12345678

Reading Eggs

(PK only)


This is an interactive online reading program that scholars will use to help begin identifying letters and their sounds. These skills will help build the foundation for future reading success. Login information for Reading Eggs has not been released, but Ms. Moser will get the information to scholars and their families as soon as possible. o baja la aplicación de  Reading Eggs en su celular.


Exact Path

(K-5 only)


This is an online curriculum used to support math and reading that is leveled to the student’s individual needs. (See your child’s individual login information card) Go to down to the Exact Path button and click there to put in your child’s information. y baje al buton de Exat Path. Haz click y ahi es donde se pone el información del estudiante.

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