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Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve. 


Computer Science

Computer Science offers an introduction to the basics of computer science along with the basics of computer programming. The material emphasizes computational thinking and helps develop the ability to solve complex problems. It gives a foundation in the tools used in computer science. The primary coding language studied is Python. Classwork consists of daily programming exercises, longer coding assignments, regular quizzes, projects and exams. Participation in group projects such as website design and graphics is required.

Film/Desktop Publishing

Film/Desktop Publishing explains the fundamentals of film production, including script writing, pre-production, storyboarding, lighting, camera operation, editing, sound and scene composition. Scholars apply these skills to create their own unique works. Scholars examine the moving image of their stories in history and assess its impact on culture, technology and our daily lives. Scholars review and critique important films and develop the skills to read and analyze them as one would a novel, a poem or a short story.

Digital Media/Broadcasting

Digital Media/Broadcasting teaches scholars the fundamentals of journalism and journalistic responsibility as well as applying those skills to navigate the modern media landscape for radio, television and newscasts. This information is applied to the creation of news stories covering ASTEC schools as well as current events and subjects being taught within the ASTEC curriculum. While creating these stories scholars learn script writing, pre-production, lighting, camera operation, editing, sound and shot composition. Scholars examine the story of journalism in American history and assess the current changes in the way modern audiences consume information.   

Business Computer Applications I

Business Computer Applications helps scholars develop skills in intermediate and advanced word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, database management and desktop publishing. Scholars produce letters, reports, newsletters, brochures, flyers, notices, charts, graphs and other material that is beneficial for personal and business uses. Scholars study the internet, telecommunication, internet etiquette and ethics. Scholars develop a thorough understanding of various Google and Microsoft applications.

Business Computer Applications II

Prerequisite:  The successful completion of Business Computer Applications I


Business Computer Applications II provides scholars with opportunities to enhance their computer technology, decision-making, productivity, communications and problem-solving skills. Areas of instruction include advanced computer applications and integration of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software, and the use of emerging technologies. Scholars acquire advanced skills in order to create, edit and publish industry appropriate documents.