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Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve. 

High School Administration

and Support Staff

Casey Rainbolt, M.Ed.

Dean of Student Success

Carrie Skaggs, M.Ed.

Dean of Humanities Education

Beth Dillard, M.Ed.

High School Counselor


Kathi Myers
High School Teaching Assistant

Shannon Grimes, M.Ed.


Danny Porter

Lead Dean of Instruction and Dean of STEM Education

Tammy Russell, M.Ed.

Dean of Students

Cindy Millican, M.Ed.

Co-Teacher Director

MJ Betancourt

High School Counseling Assistant

Denise Sanchez

High School Secretary

High School Faculty

Ali Askari

High School Math/Geometry

Kelsey Deal, M.S.

High School Biology

Andrea Fruit

10th Grade English

Joshua Gourdie
11th Grade English

Annie Hammack

Reading Enrichment

Rebecca Hendrix

9th Grade English

Scott Nation

High School Social Studies

Chris Pratt

12th Grade English

Stephanie Sellers, M.Ed.
High School Chemistry/Physics/

Environmental Science

Jonas White

Speech and Drama

Randy Burghart

ACE Monitor

Angela Dormiani,


High School Social Studies

Kandis Griffin-McClendon,


9th Grade Physical Science

Christy Hanna

World History & AP Psychology

Austin Malone, MBA
High School Business

Jackie Norton

Physical Education

Alyssa Renaud, M.A.


Virgil Teter, Jr., M.Ed.

Oklahoma History

Tracy Wilmes

High School Art