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Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve. 

Middle School Administration

 and Support Staff

Casey Rainbolt, M.Ed.

Dean of Student Success 

Carrie Skaggs, M.Ed.

Dean of Humanities Education

Selina Jolly

Middle School Counselor

Cindy Millican, M.Ed.

Co-Teacher Director

Shannon Grimes, M.Ed.


Danny Porter

Lead Dean of Instruction and Dean of STEM Education

Tammy Russell, M.Ed.

Dean of Students

Patricia Botello

Middle School Secretary

Vanessa Mendez

Middle School Counselor


Middle School Faculty

Calvin Andrews

Pre-Algebra/Algebra 1

Mayra Garcia

7th Grade Social Studies

Sarah Hensley
7th Grade Science

Jackie Norton

Physical Education

Maryam Rahimi, M.S.

6th Grade Math

Alyssa Renaud, M.A.


Colton Roberts

6th Grade Social Studies

Chris Schat

6th Grade English

Hal Stevens, MBA

Title I English

Clarissa Urbina, M.D.

6th Grade Explore

Jonas White

Speech and Drama

Tracy Wilmes

Middle School Art

Ashley Choate

8th Grade Technology

Annie Hammack

Reading Enrichment

Tania Kalb

7th Grade Math

Karissa Pacione

6th Grade Science

Jordan Reddick

8th Grade English

Stephanēē Rice

8th Grade Social Studies

Isabella Rodriguez

7th Grade English

Allison Statton

8th Grade Science

Yancy Torres-Goodman

Middle School Co-Teacher

Karen Van De Steeg
8th Grade Pre-Algebra

Shari Wile

7th Grade Technology