Holiday Angels

Thank you to this year’s Holiday Angels who have continued the ASTEC tradition of providing holiday gifts to our families who may be having a difficult time over the holidays. Our employees and community supporters who generously give from their hearts are very much appreciated.

All our ASTEC scholars needing a help this holiday season have been adopted by the generous Holiday Angels listed below:

Ali Askari Rita King Moore

Tracy Bauer Leslie Lanza

Molly Baxter Sharon Lease

Judy Blackburn Danny Littlejohn

Ann Bohanon Marian McDevitt

Sue Cappadona Wende McKenzie

Mickey Clagg Cindy Millican

John Crofts Shannon Morrow

Lucie Crofts Gretchen Moser 

Jonathan Crofts Maggie Moser

Anna Cummings
Clayton Moss

Lisa Day
Dana Neal

Sarah Day
Jackie Norton-Gilmore

BJ Deal
Paula & Ron Ockerson

Kelsey Deal
Karissa Pacione

Dr. Freda Deskin
Elizabeth Parker

Angela Dormiani
Danny Porter

Jalal & Mohammad Farzaneh
Chris Pratt

Katherine Ford
Michael Prior

Jill Frazer
Quail Creek Bank

Andrea Fruit
Maryam Rahimi

Doug Fuller
Mariah Robertson

Luis Garcia
Jean Ann Robison

Lena Grifaldo
Tammy Russell

Shannon Grimes
Alba Santiago

Stephanie Wright Grimes Chris Schat

Heather Hale
Carlos Segura

Christy Hanna
Alex Sena  
Kristin Harris
Harshita Shree   
Franci Hart
MD Sikder
Suzette Hatfield
Cole Silvy
Matthew Haught
Naser Shahnoushi
Tena Holmes Raeana Smith
Thomas D. & Patsy K. Hosman
Faye Smith
Dr. Stacey Hughes
Penny Strauss
Misty Anne Jobe
Sarah Taylor
Chantel Jones
Sherry Terska
Donnie & Jennifer Jones
Clarissa Urbina  
Brad Jordan
Karen Walker
Leslie Kearns