7th & 8th Grade Electives

Fab Lab

Fab Lab is a creative engineering design class. This course aims to teach scholars to be more creative and prepare them for a college program in engineering. Throughout this course, we will learn to imagine, design, and create projects using software and 3-D printing capabilities while utilizing the Engineering Design Process as our catalyst for inventing and completing various design projects.


ESports is an opportunity for scholars to engage in a new sport whose participation consists of a highly competitive, organized gaming environment. Scholars enrolled in this class will be placed in a specific game and be required to participate in weekly practices consisting of drills, scrimmages, and weekly matches to simulate the competitive nature of an Esports tournament. Additionally, scholars will be required to participate in physical activity and wellness discussions and partake in Esports article writing discussions and projects. Scholars interested in being chosen for the after-school activities program will be required to provide a physical and be selected through tryouts for proper team placings.

Consumer Math

The Math Enrichment program supports, reinforces, and accelerates scholars' learning. This course focuses on applying basic math principles to real-world experiences. Classwork and assignments will include using skill-level enhancing programs to reinforce learned skills and extensive practice using state standards. Overall, the Consumer Math class assists each scholar in the mastery of skills they are lacking. Each scholar gains the confidence to succeed academically by rebuilding these math skills.

Physical Education

Physical Education provides scholars with opportunities to describe individual and team sports and demonstrate a firm understanding of healthy choices through physical fitness. Scholars analyze the effects of healthy choices on physical well-being, participate in physical activities regardless of athletic level, and practice good sportsmanship while enjoying physical activity and understanding the importance of maintaining physical fitness.


Scholars utilize the HealthCorps curriculum to increase their knowledge, skills, and attitudes to practice lifelong health-enhancing behaviors. Scholars develop skills and strategies to maintain health by using nutrition and fitness information and examining drug use, misuse, and abuse consequences. Scholars explore human development, social and emotional skills, and strategies that encourage healthy relationships and habits throughout life. Scholars develop the skills to apply prevention and intervention processes that promote safety in their homes, school, and community. 


Middle School Speech and Drama teaches scholars the art of speech preparation and delivery. Scholars will learn to interpret a speech and practice public speaking. Scholars will also learn the fundamentals of drama and theatre. By the end of the course, they will have a basic understanding of theatre history, improvisational skills, acting techniques, types of stages, and stage positioning.


Middle School Art introduces scholars to basic art processes. Scholars will understand the creative process through visual problem solving, brainstorming, editing, re-working and reflection. Art is designed to provide scholars with the foundations of artistic expression. Historical and contemporary artists and styles will be incorporated into many projects to provide cultural understanding and context. Assignments are hands-on project-based learning that focuses on the elements of art and principles of design. Middle School Art scholars create artwork using a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques and mediums, including but not limited to drawing and colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, and paint. Through in-class writing and critiques, scholars analyze their artwork and the artwork of peers and major artists. Scholars develop a personal portfolio that includes in-class and independent projects.

Vocal Music

Prerequisite: None

An introductory choir experience is open to any scholar interested in studying choral music who desires to work toward proficiency in sight-reading, part singing, and improvements in their vocal range and tone. This ensemble performs music from various styles, formats, and historical periods.

Scholars will work on learning music theory fundamentals while learning new music literature. Both male and female scholars are welcome to join the choir. As opportunities are available, concerts and community presentations will be offered throughout the school year. Because this class is offered for multiple hours, it can easily fit into almost any scholar's schedule.

Computer Media

Computer Media introduces scholars to multimedia design and implementation. It explores a variety of digital platforms to create unique products spanning visual and auditory design. Computer Media involves principles and theories in multimedia presentation and discussing responsible and ethical usage. Emphasis is on user-friendly applications, using digital images, digital video and audio, and presentation through various digital outlets. Scholars design and present computer-based multimedia interactive projects and further their typing skills through monthly practice.