Other High School Electives

World Mythology

World Mythology explores ancient societies' beliefs, cultures, and history worldwide to gain knowledge beneficial to the academic disciplines of literature, philosophy, art, comparative religion, science, anthropology, archeology, and psychology.

Scholars interpret myths for their sociological, philosophical, and historical significance and identify various universal archetypes, themes, symbols, and motifs found in myths. Scholars analyze the cultural significance and relevance of important ancient epic stories such as The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Aeneid, The Epic of Gilgamesh, and Sigurd the Volsung. These ancient stories helped to shape the development of differing worldviews and cultures, including Greco-Roman, Norse, Judeo-Christian, Celtic, and Babylonian.


Prerequisite: Availability to attend events outside of school hours and reliable transportation to and from those events.

Scholars must meet the requirements to qualify for Yearbook. Scholars collaborate to develop, create, and produce a quality yearbook that documents significant moments during the ASTEC school year. Scholars construct a yearbook that acknowledges the importance of ethically representing all of the ASTEC community. Digital Media empowers scholars to enhance their photography, finance, advertising/marketing, editing, design leadership, and other skills. Scholars create unique projects in cooperation with others, describe and explain digital citizenship concepts and their impact on society, and actively participate in designing, implementing, and evaluating a quality business plan.

Record Keeping

Record Keeping Essential Course is designed to enable scholars to develop the skills of keeping records for business and personal applications. The course includes maintaining personal records for financial planning, banking, and taxes. Business records maintenance is emphasized in units covering cash records, merchandising records, and payroll. Units on accounting fundamentals and filing procedures are typically included.