Elementary Driveline

Please follow these instructions during elementary drop off and pick up:

Drop Off:

• Pull up to the last person closest to the orange cones.
• Use the outside lane to pass if the student in the car in front of you is taking longer to get out.
Watch the speed of your exit as a student may be stepping out of the passenger side of the car or if a student accidentally steps off the curb. 
When there is a backup in the exit lane–please take turns letting the cars into the line to exit.

Pick Up:

• Have your driveline number visible on your dashboard or hold it up. (Please do not expect the person inputting the numbers to walk to your car so you can tell them the number. If you need another number please call the school and ask for one.)
• Watch your speed as you enter the driveline and the parking lot. Follow all directions given to you by school personnel.
• Remind your child when their name appears in the classroom to come to the driveline because your car is there. They should not wait in the hallway until the car pulls up to the elementary staff.
• Watch your speed as you exit the campus. Pay attention to the stop sign before you exit the campus.

Elementary School Driveline

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Elementary Driveline Map