Middle School Driveline

Please follow these instructions during middle school drop off and pick up:

At the end of the day, scholars will be escorted to the driveline by their teacher. It is vitally important that

the driver of the vehicle picking up the scholar(s) has the placard we provided attached to the passenger’s side visor of the vehicle.

ASTEC has timed the length of our drivelines. Other than the beginning of school when parents of new students are getting accustomed to the process, the drivelines take approximately 30 minutes from beginning to end. If parents come very early, they will have a longer wait.

The drop-off lane will flow from north to south, and the pick-up/drop-off point will be the southwest corner of the privacy fence (see traffic diagram below). Please move up in the driveline to allow more cars behind you to flow through the line.

After school, all scholars will be moved to the east side of the privacy fence and wait until the cars in the pickup lane have emptied. See pickup pre.

Scholars will remain in the “holding area” until their ride is at a complete stop in the designated pickup area. Please watch out for scholars and be patient for safety’s sake. Scholars may not leave the designated drop off and pick-up zones.

For safety reasons, middle school scholars who are being picked up by a sibling are to wait with the on-duty teacher in the Multi-Purpose Room until released.

High school scholars may pick up their middle school sibling(s) from the Multi-Purpose Room immediately and leave through the high school door that exits into the Mall.

Middle School Driveline
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ASTEC Middle School Driveline Map