Student Handbooks

The purpose of the ASTEC student handbooks is to provide information that will answer questions and pave the way for a successful year.

Not all ASTEC Charter Schools' policies are included. Those that are, have been summarized where possible. Suggestions for additions and improvements to this handbook are welcome and may be sent to [email protected] to the attention of the ASTEC Charter Schools CEO.

These handbooks are a guide to the policies of ASTEC Charter Schools. The ASTEC Board of Directors may elect to amend or update these policies and procedures at any time. Their amendments shall supersede any handbook provisions that are not compatible with the updates and/or changes. 

Click below to view and/or download the handbooks in pdf format for ASTEC Elementary School and ASTEC Middle School/ASTEC High School.

ASTEC Elementary Handbook Link   

ASTEC Elementary Student Handbook

 ASTEC Middle / High School Student Handbook  

ASTEC Middle / High Student Handbook