Pre-Kindergarten Academics

Pre-Kindergarten embraces the scholars' natural curiosity about the world around them and provides the initial exposure to school, setting the tone for their educational career. The curriculum includes:

Language Arts

Scholars in Pre-Kindergarten language arts learn how to handle books physically, recognize the beginning and ending sounds in individual words, and write most letters in their first name. Instruction focuses on orally describing personal interests and following simple directions. Scholars identify authors and illustrators and describe characters and settings. Scholars begin drawing and labeling pictures to tell a story. Scholars expand the personal and academic vocabulary they can use in speaking. Scholars participate in read-aloud, developing stamina for listening.

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As scholars are first introduced to the formal education experience in Pre-Kindergarten, the emphasis on mathematics centers around four major concepts; quantity, patterns, measurement, and data. These topics are addressed in meaningful situations that take advantage of the child's natural curiosity while promoting problem-solving, reasoning, making guesses, modeling, generalizing, and translating between representations.

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Social Studies

Scholars in Pre-Kindergarten social studies will learn about our community. The emphasis in Social Studies centers around four major concepts; traits of good citizenship, knowledge of basic physical and human geographic concepts, history relating to events and people of other times and places, and basic economic concepts. Scholars will reach their greatest potential by engaging in classroom activities and frequently participating in consistent and responsive interactions between their peers and teachers. Research suggests that Pre-Kindergarten graduates enjoy both short-term and long-term benefits, including improved academic and school readiness and higher graduation rates.

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As scholars are introduced to science concepts that center around exploration and engaging in the physical and natural world. Scholars will make observations, notice and describe similarities, share noticings and wonderings, ask questions based on curiosity and engage in investigations about the physical and natural world.

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