Elementary Uniform Policy

The purpose of the ASTEC Schools' Uniform Policy is to encourage and support the learning environment of our school and to develop responsible scholars. The ASTEC Board of Directors, administration, and faculty reserves the right to make good faith interpretations of this policy and to address and resolve any issues that may not be specifically listed. The uniform is a dressy-casual, TAILORED look. Decisions will be made with this standard and intent in mind.

Please Note: Scholars unable to procure uniforms (in whole or in part) should contact a school secretary, the Headmaster, or a trusted faculty member.

Uniform Vendors
Fashion Sports & Uniform - 1300 NW 23rd St. & N. Classen, OKC, OK (405) 524-9990
Walls - 4011 SW 29th, Del City, OK (405) 672-4438
(Purchases may be made at Target or Walmart, but must comply with the official uniform guidelines.)

Elementary "Professional Uniform" (May be worn any day, including Friday)

  • Solid white long sleeve Oxford style shirt (see clothing details)
  • Solid black blazer
  • Khaki pants, or skirt (see clothing details)
  • Solid black dress shoes and black socks
  • Solid black leather belt w/simple buckle
  • Solid black tie (optional)

Elementary "Standard Uniform" (Monday-Friday)

  • Solid black polo shirt with ASTEC patch
  • Khaki pants, shorts, skirt or dress jumper

Note: Younger scholars will need to bring an extra set of clothing in their backpack in case of accidents or spills. Field Trip attire, unless given written permission, will be the standard uniform.

Outerwear(Monday - Friday)

  • Jackets may not be worn zipped up while in the building.
  • Sweaters must have an ASTEC patch on the left side.
  • Outerwear may not have a hood, may not be oversized, and no longer than slightly below the waist.
  • Solid black sweater or jacket only may be worn in the school building.
  • Heavy outer coats must be placed in the student's cubby once they enter their classrooms. No heavy coats may be worn inside the school building.

Clothing Details

  • Clothing must fit properly. Oversized clothing of any kind is NOT permitted.
  • Frayed hems or holes in clothes are not allowed.
  • Scholars may not wear tight or low-cut shirts or tight pants.

Additional information may be posted at www.astec-k12.com or distributed throughout the school year.


  • Only solid white undershirts or solid black undershirts may be worn.
  • HOODIES are NOT allowed at school. Mock hoodies (sweatshirts that have a partial hood around the neck) are NOT allowed at school.
  • The ASTEC patch must be sewn or "ironed on" and must be straight. (Patch may not be stapled, glued or pinned on the shirt.)
  • Shirts are to be tucked in (without blousing), with the belt visible.
  • Jackets may not be worn zipped up while in the building.


  • Khaki pants, shorts, skirts or dress jumper only
  • May not be tight
  • Pants must be hemmed and strike the top of the shoe in the front and fall no lower than the top of the • heel in the back - not touching the ground.
  • Joggers (pants with elastic around the ankles) are NOT allowed.
  • Pants are to be worn at the natural waist and cannot sag.
  • Pants may not be worn tucked into shoes/boots.


  • Solid white or black socks must be worn.
  • Girls may wear plain black or beige hose with skirts, dresses (Note: When standing up, the length of the dress/skirt, shall be no more than one hand-width above the knee)
  • Scholars may wear solid black scarves. No other scarves are allowed.
  • A solid plain brown or black belt, with a plain buckle, is to be worn at all times.
  • Purses (3rd-5th) may only be brought to school as needed. Purses must be compact in size, NO BIG PURSES.
  • Backpacks on wheels are NOT permitted.
  • Shoes must be ABSENT of any other color or colored symbols.
  • Shoes may NOT have wheels or heels larger than ¼"
  • Shoes must be solid black. PK-2 students may also wear solid white shoes if they are unable to find solid black shoes in their size.
  • Shoestrings must be the SAME color as the shoes with which they are worn.
  • Only SOLID black, white, or gold/yellow hair ties, bows or clips are allowed (ties and clips featuring more than one of these colors are not appropriate, oversized hair ornaments are not allowed).

Scholar Appearance Details

  • One pair of earrings, no larger than ¼" may be worn.
  • Nose, eyebrow, tongue and other visible piercings are not allowed.
  • No bracelets, including rubber bracelets (unless ASTEC approved).
  • Prescribed medical bracelets may be worn.
  • One necklace may be worn, but it must not be visible.
  • Only one simple ring per scholar can be worn, such as a class ring or a purity ring.
  • Hair must be well groomed and worn away from the eyes.
  • Distracting, unconventional, non-professional haircuts or hairstyles are prohibited.
  • Shaving designs into the hair is prohibited. A line shaved into a boy's hair that is perceived as a natural part is allowed.
  • Shaving lines in eyebrows is NOT permitted.
  • Hair must be the scholar's natural color (i.e. multi-colored hair is not accepted).
  • Nail polish must be a soft tone or a natural color (not dark, bright, garish, or glittery). Designs are not allowed.
  • As a matter of safety, fingernails may not exceed ⅛" and must be shaped with ONLY rounded edges.
  • There must be no visible tattoos, ink drawings, etc. Temporary tattoos may NOT be worn during the school day.
  • Makeup is not allowed for our elementary scholars.