Foster Care Policy

Photo of two girls running in a field

ASTEC Charter Schools’ Policy for Children in Foster Care 

Children may be enrolled by their foster care parents/guardians, social workers or other legal guardians.  

To prevent educational discontinuity, enrollment must not be denied or delayed for children in foster care because documents normally required for enrollment have not been provided.   

ASTEC immediately contacts the school last attended by any such child to obtain relevant academic and other records.   

Guardianship or legal custody documents must be provided including power or attorney, affidavit, and court order. 

The District’s Foster Care Coordinator collaborates with Child Welfare Agencies on a case-by-case basis to determine “best interest” for the child by considering factors such as, but not limited to, the child’s safety, socio-emotional, stability, service, and familial needs and preferences, plus the school’s climate, resources, academic, and safety as they relate to the student needs.  

For more information, contact the Foster Care Coordinator at 405-947-6272.