7th Grade Academics


7th Grade English focuses the scholar's attention on reading comprehension, writing skills, expanded vocabulary, and creative writing processes. Scholars will write several short essays following fiction and some nonfiction readings. Assigned writings will be structurally based on the Schaffer Method. Scholars conduct research, prepare outlines, prepare rough drafts and submit final drafts of work. Such writings will allow scholars to give attention to detail on spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary choice, and creativity. Overall, scholars will develop a more complex vocabulary and the ability to write clear and concise works while comprehending the written word.

Honors English

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation

Honors English is a course for scholars who demonstrate advanced skills. To prepare scholars to read and write critically about literature and nonfiction text, scholars closely read challenging, complex texts while continuing the development of providing evidence to support their claims. Honors English focuses on scholars recognizing and writing about an author's use of language.


7th Grade Math scholars represent and compare real numbers, solve problems with rational numbers, represent and solve linear equations and inequalities, use linear functions to explain real-world and mathematical situations and use proportional reasoning to solve problems. Scholars will determine the surface area and volume of cylinders and prisms, calculate the area of circles and composite figures, calculate experimental probability, and describe data using measures of central tendency, scatter plots, circle graphs, and histograms.

Honors Math/Pre-Algebra

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation

Honors Math scholars develop an understanding of integer exponents, scientific notation, squares and square roots, equations, and inequalities, and determine the slope and y-intercept of a line. Scholars will determine the surface area and volume of cylinders and prisms, solve problems involving the Pythagorean Theorem, calculate probabilities, and describe data using measures of central tendency, scatter plots, circle graphs, and histograms.


7th Grade Geography expands scholars' focus on world geography, which includes the interrelated components of skills and content knowledge, both of which are necessary to be a geographically informed citizen. Scholars will use geographic knowledge as a tool for understanding the concepts of economics and the impact of recent history on contemporary events. Scholars will focus on spatial patterns of human and physical characteristics of the world and its peoples. They will explore how these patterns form, change over time and relate to one another in the Eastern Hemisphere.


7th Grade Science continues to build the scholar's knowledge of various general science concepts in Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Scholars have the opportunity to explore topics within each of these general sciences utilizing PITSCO labs. This is an innovative method of scientific, self-paced, and interactive discovery. In physical science, scholars explore concepts surrounding matter, atoms, and how they bond together. Scholars will explore different types of energy and heat, natural and synthetic resources, and their impact on society. Scholars will also explore the cycling of energy and matter. In life science, scholars will learn about ecosystems and the factors that affect them. In Earth Science, scholars explore weather, climate, and global warming patterns.


7th-grade Technology scholars learn how to conduct themselves as digital citizens by learning and practicing proper online etiquette. Scholars work through a series of projects using CS Discoveries on code.org that teach research strategies while exploring technology. Scholars apply technological knowledge and process to real-world experiences, work individually and in teams to solve problems, design, develop and utilize technological systems, and complete open-ended, problem-based design activities. The scholars consistently work to improve keyboarding, word processing, and digital media skills.