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Elementary School Breakfast & Lunch Menu  
Middle School & High School Menu

ASTEC Charter Schools student scholars and staff will tell you our school breakfast and lunch are second to none! While many schools use prepackaged, processed foods and warming ovens, ASTEC has a full chef’s kitchen complete with stoves and ovens and large walk-in refrigerators to keep fresh produce.

ASTEC serves organic produce when it is available and serves only produce in season and in close proximity to the school.

 ASTEC contracts with Keystone for its kitchen management and meal preparation. Keystone collaborates with ASTEC’s administration and school staff to plan healthy, nutritious meals prepared from “scratch” every day.

ASTEC meals for 2023-2024 school year are free of charge for all students.

´╗┐Scholars who choose to bring their own meals are not allowed to bring pop, other sugary drinks, chips or other junk foods with little or no nutritional value. All scholars must eat! If a scholar refuses to eat, the parent will be called. It is unhealthy and dangerous for growing children not to eat.